Paintings etc.




Digital painting

Mai 2008

(Software used: Corel Painter X)

Minotaur's Leisure

March 2008

(Software: Corel Painter X)

Coat of arms

Made this for a gaming group

Corel Painter X

The Sentinel

Digital Painting (Corel Painter X)

February 2008

Alien Squid

Done with Corel Painter X

Diving too deep

Done with Corel Painter X






Who's turn is it?

Or games you can play with hill-giants

Where do wooden cubes come from?

TLOG 5: "What's a checkmate?"

Or "The End of Chess"

The Life of Games Nr. 4

My Take on: "Gaming unplugged..."

My Take on: "Downtime"




Dimitrij Marufow

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